Controller Serial Data Reader

Shelby Control Systems is in the final testing stages of a Club Car IQ™ Controller serial data reader. This unit plugs into the IQ™ controller data port located either in the dash (Precedent) or by the F/R switch (DS) and will read internal data sent from the controller much like an IQDM™. Listed below are some of the items this unit will be able to read real time for trouble shooting and repairing your IQ™ golf cart.

  1. Key Switch ON / OFF Reads the state of key switch.
  2. F/R Switch FORWARD, Neutral or REVERSE Reads the state of the F/R switch.
  3. MCOR Pedal Switch ON / OFF Reads the state of the MCOR micro switch activation circuit.
  4. MCOR Pedal Position in Percent Reads the state of the MCOR Pedal Position Sensor or Throttle in percent 0-100%.
  5. Armature amps This displays the % Armature amps the controller is outputting in real time.
  6. Field amps This displays the % Field amps the controller is outputting in real time
  7. Volts You will no longer need a digital display; this voltage reading is internal to the
Controller and measures what the controller is seeing.
  8. Temperature This is controller temp at heat sink, needed when in thermal shutdown. (Max temperature 85 deg C)
  9. Speed Pulses This displays On / Off that the speed sensor is outputting pulses.
10. Main Solenoid Main Solenoid actuation circuit
11. Low Voltage Fault This displays Low Voltage Fault when voltage goes below 22vdc.
12. Main Solenoid Coil Fault Main Solenoid Coil if the Coil circuit is bad a fault is displayed

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